Quotes Mrs. Calvert provided much needed guidance and direction on what today's colleges are looking for in a prospective student. The whole process from researching the right college for my son's educational goals, sharing information on financial aid opportunities, and preparing for the application process, as well as just telling us what we did not know was beyond our expectations. Thank you for giving our son the motivation to take control of his knowledge and go for his dreams! Quotes
Parent of Texas Tech University Student

Quotes Choosing a college is much more complicated now than when I applied. There are so many more options and information about colleges out there now that it is hard to know where to begin, and kids are under intense pressure to be in lots of activities and do well in school so they can go to a top tier university. Unfortunately, it is very seldom that anyone helps them stop and consider what they want to do and what is best for them. This can make the college search experience very stressful and unpleasant. Quotes
Parent of Client-Part 1

Quotes Before we talked to Mrs. Calvert about helping us every discussion about college with our daughter would end in an argument. She had no idea what she wanted or where to begin looking, and we did not really know how to help. I was not sure about hiring Mrs. Calvert at first, but the load of stress she took off our family by helping our daughter figure out what was best for her, in her own time and at her own pace, was well worth the money. Quotes
Parent of Client-Part 2

Quotes I especially appreciated the fact that Integritas did not try to push her toward an elite university, but only sought to be a guide in helping our daughter find several good options that would stretch her academically while, at the same time, also be a place that would nourish and help her to grow and mature in other areas of her life as well. If we had not hired Mrs. Calvert I am not sure our daughter would still be speaking to us. But, not only are we still on speaking terms, she is excited and engaged in her search. No matter where she ends up I feel confident she will have made an informed, well-considered and healthy decision thanks to Integritas Educational Consulting. Quotes
Parent of Client-Part 3

Quotes My husband and I were first generation college students. We didn't even know where to begin with the process. Laura was most diligent in helping with the college search and recommended some wonderful options for us to visit. We will be forever indebted to her for her Christmas Eve essay coaching session. She keeps informed about the process through her travels, conferences and constant reading so that she can recommend the best options for your child. Laura truly understands the diversity of each child's needs and strengths and uses that information to guide the process. Quotes
Parent of Carnegie Mellon University Student

Quotes The most notable change in our student was moving from disinterest to full engagement and excitement in the college search process. Mrs. Calvert spent the time needed to understand our child by asking the tough questions which helped her understand what our child's passions were and what type of academic environment would best suit her. After this assessment, our child was excited about the options and prospects of schools which are a great fit for our child academically, socially, and as a preparation ground for her future. Once a first choice school was determined, our child worked without prompting to study for the ACT and SAT, prepare essays, college applications, and a resume. Integritas took the stress of "getting into the right college" out of our home and allowed us to enjoy our child and encourage her while Mrs. Calvert helped with the "tough stuff". Quotes
Parent of Client

Quotes Before working with Mrs. Calvert, I never wanted to discuss my future plans or colleges with anyone. The whole idea was very intimidating to me. But, after beginning my sessions at Integritas College Consulting and working with Mrs. Calvert, I now am very engaged in my college search and in the application process. She helped me to learn what I wanted in a college and also helped me find great schools that will be a good fit for me. She even has access, through her company, to awesome ACT and SAT online prep classes. She motivates me to work hard on every aspect of the process, and makes sure I get it done correctly. I started calling her Sergeant Calvert after she had to prompt me to keep working! I would recommend Integritas Educational Consulting to any of my friends. It is a great way to learn and to be sure the job gets done right. Quotes
Current Client

Quotes Mrs. Calvert has helped me tremendously with every aspect of the college process from applications to scholarships and everything in between. She has a passion for students that is very rare. My parents had no clue on where to start, and their frustration was taking a great toll on me. Mrs. Calvert quickly stepped in and had me on the fast track to college success. She helped me see that I had done a lot but that all that I had accomplished wasn't presented in a format that highlighted those accomplishments. With all of her insight and advice, I was admitted to several great petroleum engineering programs and received lots of merit scholarship money along with my acceptance letters. Quotes
Petroleum Engineering Major at Texas Tech University

Quotes Going into the college process, I had no clear idea of where I would end up or where I even wanted to be for four years. Mrs. Calvert helped me assess what aspects of a school are most important to me. With her assistance, I also came to realize that a university is more than classes. It's also a community of people that you're entering into. Academics are undeniably important, but equally important is a college class that you want to be a member of. I love my school because everyone places a high emphasis on education, but at the same time are spirited and passionate about the interests and diversity that make us different. It's a supportive environment that's perfect for me, and I never would have considered the school had Mrs. Calvert not suggested it to me. Quotes
Neuroscience Major at Carnegie Mellon University