Need For a Consultant

  1. Why would there be a need for an Educational Consultant?

    Private and public high schools typically have guidance counselors who are responsible for helping students with the college search and application process.  Sometimes these individuals can have case loads of 300 students and have multiple areas of responsibility.  Hiring me to help you or your student ensures that the student receives, depending on the service level you purchase,  unlimited individualized attention from a professional whose sole focus is this process.  I can  give students and families unbiased advice and recommendations based on my professional judgement of a student’s needs and abilities.With the average cost of four years of college at a public university estimated to be $81,356 and the average cost of four years at a private university estimated to be $161,904 (College Board 2011-2012 statistics), wouldn't it make good sense to invest approximately 1-2% of that cost to make sure that the institution is a fit and that the application presented is the best it can be so that the chances for admission and subsequent merit aid are enhanced?  

  2. What makes you qualified to help me or my student?

    First of all, I have a sincere desire to get to know you and your student and to help that student experience a fruitful and pleasant college search.  I have successfully completed the Independent Educational Consultants Association Summer Institute, currently am enrolled in the College Counseling Program at UCLA and am an associate member of IECA, which gives me access to multiple long term professionals in this field.  I hold undergraduate and graduate degrees from a highly selective institution and understand the benefits and expectations of those types of institutions.  I travel frequently to visit colleges and universities and meet with admssions professionals to learn more about what type of student they are seeking.  

  3. Why has this process become so competitive?

    We saw the highest numbers of high school graduates in our country in the past four years.  While that number is declining, more people are applying to college because their parents are college graduates or because the downturn in the economy has motivated them to pursue college.  

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The Process

  1. As a client, what would I do during meetings with you?

    The first steps would include comprehensive interviews with you and your parents during separate sessions.  Subsequent steps could include:


    • personality and interest inventories
    • meetings to discuss your transcript, grades, and selection of future courses
    • discussions of appropriate college entrance exams
    • creation of an extracurricular activity document, most commonly referred to as a "brag sheet"
    • discussion of "The List" I have created for you of the colleges which are best fits for you
    • review of applications
    • coaching on essay writing
    • coaching on interviewing 


  2. Where would I meet with you?

    If you were an out of town client, we would meet via SKYPE.  If you are a local client or one who would be traveling to the area, we would meet in my private office in my home.  

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