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Laura Beth Calvert

  Swarthmore College Lawn


Finding a great college is not as easy as finding a favorite chair.  Laura Beth Calvert, principal consultant at  Integritas Educational Consulting, enjoys helping students make big decisions and guiding them through a process that leads to several “good fit” college options.  She delights in seeing students learn more about their potential, their particular gifts, and their interests, and using that knowledge to shape the college search process.  Her experiences as a high school student, college student at a highly selective institution,  high school teacher, and parent of a high school student inspired her to enter the field of educational consulting.


Laura Beth understands that few choices will have as significant an impact on a student’s future as the choice of a college. IEC’s program provides families with answers to the many questions and challenges that arise during the transition from secondary school to post-secondary settings. Assistance is available for all phases of the process of selecting and applying to colleges where a student is most likely to have a successful experience. It is her philosophy that fit and not perceived prestige of the university is what really matters.  . 


Her current professional affiliations include associate membership in the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), and she has successfully completed IECA's Summer Training Institute for educational consultants.  Additionally, Laura Beth is a member of the Texas Association for College Admission Counseling. She has committed to ongoing professional development opportunities with these and other organizations in the field of college admissions counseling.  She is committed to visiting colleges on a regular basis to stay current with the trends so that she can best represent the possibilities to her clients. 


Laura Beth earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Vanderbilt University, where she serves as an alumni interviewer with the Vanderbilt Commodore Recruitment Program.  Additionally, she earned a Master of Education degree in Secondary Education and a Master of Education degree in Human Resources Development, both from Vanderbilt University.  She has completed additional graduate work in assessment at Angelo State University and received the Certificate in College Counseling, with distinction, from UCLA.   


Previously, Laura Beth has taught high school, worked as an Executive Director for nonprofit agencies and spent 10 years as a human resource professional in university and governmental agency settings.  She is certified by the State of Texas as an Educational Diagnostician.


Laura Beth lives with her family in San Angelo, Texas and is the parent of a two young adults.  Most importantly, as the parent of recent high school graduates, Laura Beth understands the feelings and situations families encounter during this exciting period in a student's educational career.